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Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Litolff Scherzo

Henry Charles Litolff was a contemporary of Liszt and Brahms. He left a handful of concert pieces for piano and orchestra entitled Concertos Symphoniques; this Scherzo is excerpted from the fourth. With the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Janita Hauk, Port Charlotte, Florida.


Live at Lincoln Center, New York

Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Scriabin Nocturne for Left Hand

Left hand only! Scriabin has created a gorgeous nocturne that sounds as if two hands are gently weaving the melodies and harmonies.


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Beethoven 1st Piano Concerto, Movement 1

The numeral "5" has a certain allure for major composers in the history of western music, especially when it comes to piano concerto writing. Not only Beethoven, but Prokofiev, Saint-Saens, and Rachmaninov all composed with the number 5 mind, because they all have five concertos. In the case of Beethoven, his first piano concerto was actually written second, but published first.

With the Yaquina Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Armore, in Newport, Oregon, as part of the Ernest Bloch Music Festival. Recorded on an analog camera (Hi8 mm), thus the video quality. This is part 2; part 1 can be heard on YouTube.


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Chopin 1st Piano Concerto, Movement 1

The Chopin First Piano Concerto in E Minor with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Janita Hauk, Bonita Springs, Florida. This is part 2; part 1 can be heard on YouTube.

As scholars are aware, this Concerto No. 1 is incorrectly published. The F Minor Chopin (catalogued as number 2) is really the first concert piece for piano and orchestra to come from Chopin's hand. This is an all too familiar story when compared to the Beethoven Concerti.

Live at Lincoln Center, New York

Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Ondine from Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit

The first movement, "Ondine," from Gaspard de la Nuit. For pianists, the whole suite is intoxicating in its beauty and replete with pianistic challenges.


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Scarlatti Sonatas in D Minor and E Major

Domenico Scarlatti wrote many of his 555 sonatas for keyboard while serving as court musician to Maria Barbara in Spain; she was one of his students. As a youngster, Scarlatti's first musical studies were most likely under the careful scrutiny of his father, Alessandro, the famous opera and cantata composer of the Baroque era. This is an all too familiar scenario that happened in families during that time. The Gabrielis, Giovanni and Andrea (nephew and uncle, respectively) wrote prolific church music for antiphonal groups of instrumentalists and vocalists.

Here I play two sonatas, D Minor (L.366) and E Major (L.23).


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Chopin Waltz in C# Minor, Op. 64, No. 2

This performance captures a second encore at a concert in Slovakia after we premiered a contemporary work with the Slovak Sinfonietta.


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Strauss Burleske

This is one of several rehearsal sessions before the actual concert with the Polish orchestra Filharmonia Sudecka with Anthony Armore conducting. This is part 1; part 2 can be heard on YouTube.

The Burleske is the only piano concerto that Richard Strauss wrote. He was known for his operas, tone poems, and lieder. Anecdotal information has it that when Strauss was in his early 20's, he showed the score to the famous pianist/conductor Hans von Bulow; it was pronounced unplayable. Well, thank goodness for the few concert pianists who play the piece, otherwise, it would be gathering dust on museum shelves.


Dr. Richard Bosworth plays
Gershwin, the Man I Love

This is a first encore at a performance in Slovakia with the Slovak Sinfonietta: the Gershwin song transcription of The Man I Love.


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