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The Piano Studio of Dr. Richard Bosworth

I am a Piano instructor in the Bellevue, Washington area ...
… and I also teach online internationally.

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When looking for a qualified teacher, there is much more to consider than credentials. Finding the right person who understands and appreciates your learning style ultimately sets the stage for how you will develop as a musician. Whether you want to learn piano as a hobby or hone your professional skills, I can help facilitate that process of artistic self-discovery.

My studio favors a holistic approach by combining seasoned teaching strategies with positive reinforcement and insightful guidance. Putting all that together in the context of a comprehensive overview of music will enable you to explore with confidence your piano playing and take it to another level.

It is going to be our team effort, defined by my dedication coupled with your commitment, which will yield meaningful and lasting results.

My multimedia presentation at Lincoln Center, "The World's Largest Piano Lesson"

Teaching Style

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
— Ludwig van Beethoven

Although I am a master teacher whose pupils have been highly recognized in academic and professional circles, my special interests continue to be working with all levels of ability, regardless of age or experience. From pre-college age to adults and piano teachers alike, it has been an enriching experience for me to mentor them along a part of their musical journeys.

Course of Study

This is what you can anticipate covering:

  • Adopting efficient and effective practice methods
  • Developing technical dexterity to approach more difficult compositions
  • Becoming competent in your sight-reading
  • Studying music theory (the “grammar” of musical syntax)
  • Gaining analytical knowledge through the study of musical scores
  • Acquiring facility and authority in dealing with different styles of music
  • Cultivating aural abilities in playing by ear or improvising
  • Composing original music or crafting arrangements of pre-existing pieces
  • Teaming up with other people in making music together
  • Improving on inter-personal skill sets (composure, forbearance, etc.)

General Program Overview

My piano studio is run like a music school program, involving weekly lessons, periodic group sessions or master classes, and a few public performance events/recitals per year.

As a way of evaluating your studies, I will be holding personal conferences at the Bellevue location or online in addition to issuing ongoing reports via emails. I also supply assignment sheets and practice logs to monitor your weekly progress.

The “gift of music” is something I take seriously as a teacher. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge your reasons for pursuing piano studies; a certain level of commitment will be necessary in order to gain any personal benefits. It is my desire that your experience be a joyful one filled with wonder and curiosity.

Concerning the weekly private lessons, I offer anywhere from 45-90 minute slots depending on the amount of interest and background or prior training. This kind of scheduling takes into account the time needed to learn new material as well as to review past assignments. Anything less ends up being counterproductive.

Local Community Events for Students

There are a number of opportunities to perform in the Seattle area. Since I am an active member of the local chapter of Eastside Music Teachers Association (EMTA), I can prepare you for participation in their annual events (festivals and competitions).

Another exciting venue (where I am Artist-In-Residence) is Northwest Pianos in Bellevue. I plan on using their wonderful concert hall facility for studio recitals.

Rooftop concerts are an additional way in which the studio provides a space for students to contribute their talents. These entertaining events take place on the 4th floor of this Bellevue studio building and are held twice a year.

Last but not least, I encourage online performance opportunities; it’s a great and convenient alternative to showcase your talents during various parts of the year. There is some free group conferencing software available for this purpose.

Reviews from Students

"Dr. Bosworth has guided my pianistic development with the skill of a master instructor, leaving no musical nuance or technical challenge behind to be left unanswered or unexplored. His incredible sensitivity at the keyboard and his dedicated guiding of my own touch have allowed me to fully embrace the magic and musicality of the instrument. More thrilling still is Richard’s command of his vast repertoire and spectacular keyboard performances which never fail to convey his special angelic tone and musical signature as 'Heavenly!'"

Andrea (Naples, FL)

"Richard has the unique gift of connecting with his students not only as a teacher but, even more importantly, as a guide and a friend. From the very first time we spoke on the phone and the first time we met for our one-on-one lesson, Richard put me at complete ease, coached me in developing a routine for practice, encouraged me in exploring new music, new thoughts about music, and new ways of approaching and playing music. His enthusiasm for the student is evident every step of the way. In a short amount of time, I experienced a new level of confidence and enjoyment at the piano. I highly recommend studying with Richard. He is a joy to work with."

Denise (Anacortes, WA)

"Richard Bosworth has been my friend and teacher for close to 10 years. He has always been friendly and caring. His knowledge of piano literature and music history is impressive. Listening carefully while I’m playing, he will hear everything: timing, notation, pedaling, etc. and can make recommendations kindly without being harsh or overbearing. When necessary, he will demonstrate how the music is to be played and sometimes I will video tape his playing of the music for my benefit. While I often choose my own music, Richard can recommend compositions that would be suitable for me and my ability. He has been very generous with his time and scheduling. I would say that my playing is more relaxed and has improved over the years. Our partnership has been very beneficial."

Marilyn (Naples, FL)

"Richard Bosworth manages to keep my teen boy playing as he's challenged with heavy schoolwork. He completely understands when ideal weekly in-home practice cannot be occasionally accomplished. He provides a very diversified curriculum with latest digital technology and being very open-minded to student feedback. Most importantly, virtual learning during COVID-19 has been working great so far to ensure continuous learning throughout this tough time."

Margaret (Bellevue, WA)

"I’ve studied with several accomplished musicians over the years but what distinguishes Richard Bosworth from the others is his unique ability to fuse the modern with the traditional. His passion and love of music in all its forms and his ability to incorporate ever-evolving technologies constantly inspires his students young and old to explore new pathways, things they wouldn’t have considered without his guidance and enthusiasm. He is a master technician and his ability to convey technical solutions at the level of each particular learning ability and style enables his students to surpass the mundane routine of 'how do I play this correctly?' to 'how do I play this musically?' For any pianist wishing to enhance their musical ability, they would be hard pressed to find a more engaging and rewarding mentor."

Karl (Birmingham, AL)

"Richard is the Best Piano Teacher ever! :) My son, Archibald, started lessons with him last September 2019. It has been less than one year and he made amazing progress. Classes are very entertaining even with the 'Zoom way.' So far, Archibald stays motivated and dedicated for the homework. Richard is patient, nice and a good teacher. He is also available and flexible with parents. We had a chance to attend one of Richard’s performances last February 14th, and we were blown away by his huge talent. So I feel lucky he teaches Archibald with such professionalism and passion to play piano."

Virginie (Bellevue, WA)

"Dr. Bosworth is the best piano teacher any students could ask for. He helped my two kids learn different skills and piano techniques. We wanted to express to him our gratitude for all the teaching and advice that he gave. They are so excited to start playing more piano again. May his heart be blessed in all he does."

Hilda (Bellevue, WA)

"Richard Bosworth is not only a great pianist, but a consummate musician; his virtuosity is abundant in all styles of music, combined with a masterly understanding of style, and an impeccable ability to communicate with piano students which confirms my impression of a complete musician. I have known Dr. Bosworth since 2011, and enjoyed his performances in concertos, chamber music and solo recitals. Fortunately, I also had a series of inspiring and illuminating piano lessons with him before his move to the West Coast where he now enjoys a flourishing career."

Anne (Naples, FL)

"Richard has been an amazing teacher for our daughter. It’s obvious that he is an extremely gifted pianist who has had an amazing career. Yet, he comes across as a very humble and patient teacher. He makes the teaching fun and is continually encouraging her with a positive attitude. I have seen the improvement in my daughter’s playing and have also seen her confidence grow. We are excited to continue to see the growth in our daughter in the future and are grateful for having such a great teacher as Richard for her."

Amit (Bellevue, WA)

"I’m an adult learner who’s taken piano lessons off and on over the years. In the six months I’ve been taking lessons with Richard, I’m learning the things I’ve always wanted to learn to do – skills that will help me tackle any music that interests me. Early on, Richard identified my particular strengths and we are building on those as well as working on basic skills. It’s been through our work improvising, building harmonies and working on pattern recognition and response that I feel new doors are opening for me. He keeps things lively by varying his methods, providing challenges, and noticing improvement. He’s upbeat, energetic, patient, and encouraging. I especially appreciate Richard’s skill at identifying stumbling blocks and helping me work through them efficiently. In my experience, Richard is delivering on the promise he makes on his website: to enable me to explore with confidence my piano playing and take it to another level."

Mary (Bellevue, WA)

If you are a sincere student and wish to go deeper in your piano studies, please contact me for more information. I will look forward to meeting you!

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