Doctor of Music

The Piano Studio of Dr. Richard Bosworth

Welcome to my Bellevue practice! I am most happy to provide the finest piano instruction on world-class instruments. It is such a privilege to share with you the many time-honored traditions associated with great music making.

When looking for a qualified teacher, there is much more to consider than credentials. Finding the right person who will appreciate and understand how you process information ultimately sets the stage for a good learning environment.

My studio strives to make this experience a holistic one by combining seasoned teaching strategies with positive reinforcement and insightful guidance. Whether you want to learn piano as a hobby or hone your professional skills, you are embarking on a journey of inner-creativity and artistic self-discovery. With that said, my main goal is to help you become well acquainted with the “language of music". This kind of approach will not only enable you to gain a more comprehensive overview, but it will set up a solid foundation for playing the piano as well.

In the end though, it is going to be our team effort, defined by my dedication coupled with your commitment, which will yield meaningful and lasting results.

Teaching Style

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
— Ludwig van Beethoven

Although I am a master teacher whose pupils have been highly recognized in academic and professional circles, my special interests are working with all levels of ability. I strongly encourage active participation in music regardless of age and experience.

On a personal note, the studio members both past and present have often spoken of me as being “devoted” as well as “inspirational.” But on a personal note, I would like to add that it has been a great honor to mentor them along a part of their journeys.

Course of Study

This is what you can anticipate on covering:

  • Adopting efficient and effective practice methods
  • Developing technical dexterity/control to approach more difficult pieces
  • Becoming competent in your sight-reading
  • Studying music theory (the “grammar” of musical syntax)
  • Gaining analytical knowledge through the study of musical scores
  • Acquiring facility and authority in dealing with different styles of music
  • Cultivating aural abilities in playing by ear or improvising
  • Composing original music or crafting arrangements of pre-existing tunes
  • Teaming up with other people in making music together
  • Improving on inter-personal skill sets (composure, forbearance, etc.)

General Program Overview

My piano studio is run like a music school program, involving weekly lessons, periodic group sessions or master classes, and a few public performance events/recitals per year.

As a way of evaluating your studies, I will be holding personal conferences at the Bellevue location in addition to issuing ongoing reports via emails. I also supply assignment sheets and practice logs to monitor your weekly progress.

The “gift of music” is something I take seriously as a teacher. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge your reasons for pursuing piano studies because a certain level of commitment is necessary in order to reap the benefits. It is my desire that your experience be a joyful one filled with wonder and curiosity.

Now concerning the weekly private lessons, I offer anywhere from 45-90 minute slots depending on the amount of interest and background or prior training. This kind of scheduling takes into account the time needed to learn new material with me as well as to review past assignments. Anything less ends up being counterproductive.

Local Community Events for Students

There are a number of opportunities to perform in the Seattle area. Since I am an active member of the local chapter of Eastside Music Teachers Association (EMTA), I can prepare you for participation in their annual events (festivals and competitions).

Another exciting venue (where I am Artist-In-Residence) is Northwest Pianos in Bellevue. I plan on using their wonderful concert hall facility for studio recitals.

Rooftop concerts are an additional way in which the studio provides a space for students to contribute their talents. These entertaining events take place on the 4th floor of this Bellevue studio building and are held twice a year.

Young students are inspired and eager to hear Dr. Bosworth give an impromptu demonstration.