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Ear Training Software

My Advice: Study first with an ear training pro.

Ear Training Software

There's a lot of ear training software out there. Some of it is quite good.

But there's always something missing with any ear training software package, and that is: personal guidance.

I've found no software out there that properly teaches you anything about the subtleties of developing your ear with Perfect Pitch or Relative Pitch.

Software programs are, by nature, just mechanical computer games that are lacking not only a heart, but a true understanding of how an ear becomes finely tuned.

Ear Training is an Art ...

Musical ear training is a true art. It's like learning any musical instrument.

For example, anyone can bang on a piano. But to play with artistic sensitivity, well, that's another thing altogether. Perhaps you can learn the mechanics of playing piano or guitar with computer software, but you'll never become an artist without personal guidance.

A mechanical computer program can never deliver for you an understanding of exactly how to culture your ear into a brilliant, skillful and dynamic sensitivity. That's where only one person comes to mind who uniquely specializes in just this rare sort of personal ear training guidance. His name is well known in the music industry: David Lucas Burge. (I have reviewed Burge's ear training courses on this site). 

My advice to every musician is just this: What you need is a real person - an ear training expert - who will personally guide you in the art of listening.

No computer program can dare to compare to Burge's step-by-step, personal tutorship or his original and powerful set of ear training drills.

If you're serious about gaining a professional ear for music, my suggestion is for you to first study Burge's Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse and/or his Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse (even better if you can do both courses together).

With the expert foundation you'll build with Burge's training, you'll gain a distinct edge over all the other students who are working way too hard - often in counterproductive ways - to build a powerful musical ear.

To wrap it up ...

I would greatly encourage you to avoid becoming a techno-junkie with common ear training software. 

When you first master the art of ear training with Burge's courses, you will avoid the pitfalls of becoming a mechanical listener.

With Burge as your coach, I strongly predict you will take a huge leap as a true musical artist.